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Why is my grout dirty?

The wrong household cleaning products and equipment puts your grout at risk of becoming dirty. Most cleaners leave a sticky residue that attracts and holds the dirt in place. High traffic areas and areas with prolonged moisture are also reasons your grout becomes stained with dirt/mold. Please see our After Care & Maintenance page for more information on how to maintain your grout.

Are your cleaning services and products environmentally friendly?

Yes, all of our services and products are both environmentally and family friendly. We utilize steam technology and antimicrobial cleaners for all of our restoration projects, keeping your pets and children safe.

Can I change my grout color?

Yes, you absolutely can. Our color seal application allows us to completely transform your old grout color, while providing a moisture barrier that prevents mold and mildew from penetrating your grout lines. We have a variety of grout colors available to meet your tile needs.

Are professional grout cleaning services expensive?

Having your tile and grout professionally cleaned will result in a like-new floor, without having to completely replace your tiles and grout. When deciding on the most cost effective solution, choose a restoration rather than a complete renovation.

Still, have additional Grout or tile-based unanswered question, contact us today and we’ll be glad to answer any questions you may have?


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