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At Grout Solutions we believe in  providing customers with superior quality services and excellent customer service. Not only are we a company that restores your tiled areas we also provide you with the products and knowledge to maintain these areas for years to come. Please check out everything we offer for tile and grout care below and let us help you find your solution!

Tile & Grout Deep Cleaning

Tiles often maintain their beauty throughout the years. It is usually dingy, stained grout surrounding the tiles that age your entire floor, tub surround or shower. Utilizing steam technology, environmentally friendly products, and innovative equipment, our specialists at Grout Solutions will deep clean your tiles and grout, restoring them to the floors, the showers and the tub surrounds you once loved. If you can’t remember the last time you had your tiles and grout professionally cleaned, it may be time to call Grout Solutions.

Color Seal

After deep cleaning your tile and grout, we highly recommend our color seal service. This service creates a uniform color among your grout, making it look brand new again. This process also provides a moisture barrier, preventing future stains, mold, and mildew, while also creating low maintenance for cleaning in the future.


Re-grouting is the process of removing old grout and replacing it with new. Tiles are often easily restored as they maintain their original look, grout, however, deteriorates, especially grout lines constantly subjected to water such as shower floors.

If your grout is chipped, cracked or missing in areas, then re-grouting may be just what your tiles need. The specialists at Grout Solutions will first assess the area, ensuring that there are no loose or cracked tiles. They will then proceed to remove your old grout and replace it with new, commercial-grade, mold and mildew resistant grout.


Caulking is the rubbery sealant you see around your showers, tubs, and sinks. It is a crucial material for protection against water damage in high moisture areas. Having your caulking replaced regularly is extremely important as caulking loses its integrity over time, often peeling, shrinking and cracking, allowing water to seep through to unwanted areas. Leaving old caulking also creates the perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew, aging the entire look of your sink, shower or tub surround. Replacing your caulking every five years is key in protecting against water damage, unwanted mold and will maintain a clean, new look. The specialists at Grout Solutions will replace your caulking, saving you time, and money.

Clear Coating Protection

Our clear coating is great for protecting your tiles and grout from future stains. The clear coating is applied to the entire floor after a deep clean and is a one-time application. Once the coating is applied is seals the porous grout and tiles, keeping spills and dirt on the surface. This service will create low maintenance for cleaning, minimizing the use of mops, as most dirt can be swept and vacuumed. Having your floors professionally protected using our clear coating will add value to your home and will keep your floors looking like new for years to come.

Choose from three different finishes; invisible, satin, & high gloss.

Tile & Minor Grout Repair

If tiles are cracked or loose, have one of our specialists replace them with your spare tiles.  If there are small sections of grout that is damaged or missing, we also have a process of replacing grout in specific areas rather than re-grouting the entire area.

Ultimate Glass Protection

Most surfaces viewed under a microscope show a textured surface with many peaks and valleys, Our nano-ceramic sealer fills in all the crevices creating a super slick surface repelling dirt and stains.

Our technicians have the necessary cleaners and equipment to remove hard water stains soap residue and dirt returning the surface to new. 2 coats of the nano ceramic sealer are installed for the ultimate protection

After the application is complete you can expect a maintenance-free surface. No cleaning chemicals are needed.


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